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Who are we?

In the 1930’a a successful group of basement, concrete, and home contractors decided to work together to deal with the problem of Oklahoma’s weather.  Together they perfected the business if protecting Oklahoma’s residents from the harshest weather imaginable.  

Fast Forward over 80 years and four generations later and your have one of the most established patio top storm shelter builders in Mid-West, protecting thousands of families from Texas to North Dakota and everywhere in between.

We have been providing families with the highest quality craftsmanship and the most experience in the business, with that experience comes the ability to customize a storm shelter to every need, offering the largest number of available sizes and options to our client.  Our Patio Top Storm Shelters are so well made an so spacious, that many of our clients use them for everything from exercise & craft rooms to holding tanning beds beds and home theater systems.  Until the next big storm rolls through, there is no limit to what you can use your Aaron’s Patio Top Storm Shelter for.  Our storm shelters, and safe rooms can be installed just about anywhere.  There are almost no limitations to where we can build your new storm shelter or safe room.

Above ground safe rooms, and below ground storm shelters available for; the garage, front and back patio, driveway, front and back yard, on the side of your house… and more.  If you are building a new house we can install an Aaron’s Storm Shelter just about anywhere, inside or out, or even inside a bedroom, or closet.  We can even conceal the entrance not only providing a safe place for your family but a safe place for your precious belongings.  

Wit the safety and security that comes from four generations, over 80 years of experience in protecting Oklahoma Families from the storm, let Aaron’s Storm Shelters protect your family for the generations to come.