Aaron's Storm Shelters

If you have been looking for the peace of mind and protection your family needs in case of a tornado threat in your area, you’ve probably been searching the web only to find low quality, prefabricated metal boxes and glorified septic tanks.  these are not only dangerous, but can also be uncomfortable and claustrophobic.  These storm shelters are normally expensive and cheaply made.  Unfortunately a large percentage fail due to faulty engineering and poor quality of construction/installation.  You may find yourself wondering how can you get a high quality, structurally sound tornado shelter that is “built, not brought”?  Like the shelters you’d see back in the day that were actually built on site.  

At Aaron’s Storm Shelter Co. we custom build every tornado shelter above or below ground on site.  This means you can have a high quality storm shelter built on your property that will be a permanent structure to your home instead of being built in a factory, hauled in on a truck and dropped in a hole.  We do not build moveable tornado shelters.  Because we build on site, we are not restricted to size, shape or weight.  It’s a lot like the difference between buying a modular home versus building the home of your dreams. You typically don’t build a house with plans on moving it to a different location after it is built. All of our structures are built of high-grade concrete and reinforced with fiber and steel rebar.

We have been building these high quality tornado shelters since 1969.  We offer lifetime structural warranties on every shelter we build.  Our smallest shelter is an 8’ X 8’ with a 6’8” ceiling and can be equipped with options no other company will offer.  Our smallest shelter is larger than most companies largest/jumbo unit, at around half the price per square foot.  Most of our underground shelters are priced at $100 per square foot or less.   Comparing an in garage, metal shelter to an Aaron’s Storm Shelter Patio Top Storm Shelter would be like comparing an eggshell to a coconut shell. 

At Aaron’s Storm Shelters we specialize in below ground Storm Shelters, above ground Safe Rooms that can double as vaults or panic rooms, and basements.



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